Tips To Book Best Wedding Lawn In Lucknow


Marriage is the dream of the life that everyone dreams of coming true, it is one of those special moments that everyone wants to live in full, this is the moment of happiness that not only you live but your relatives also are the part of it. So this moment cannot be created by one thing. Rather, in creating this moment, many things are coordinated, which is very important to pay attention to. Preparing for a grand wedding is also a big challenge in itself, which are your wish and our responsibility to complete it smoothly. Along with the Wedding Date, Guest list, Bridal makeup and DJ and so on, the most important thing that is going to decide is the Best Wedding Lawn. As Green Fields Gardens is the Best Wedding Lawn in Lucknow, that’s why we understand your desire of the best wedding lawn as per your need. We are committed & able to fulfill your desire to make your big day into your most memorable moment.

Yes! Deciding a marriage location is one of the most important decisions, and it should be one that will make your wedding memorable, not just you but for your guests also. So as per understanding your need we are suggesting some tips to keep in your mind before booking a Marriage Lawn.

Number of Guests:

Before booking a wedding lawn, it is very important to keep in mind that there is sufficient area for the guests invited to the wedding. Well, it is also important to know that there are necessary seating arrangements for the guests coming to attend the wedding.

Wedding Date & Timing:

If you get married in the pickup season of weddings, then it is also worth noting that you have a wedding lawn available at the time and date on your schedule. Also, it is important to check that is there any other wedding happening on the same day at the same lawn? If this is the case, then it is also important to think that it should not affect your wedding preparations.

Proximity to Your Place of Stay:

Before booking a wedding lawn, it is important to know what is the arrangement of hotels for your guests to stay around the wedding lawn. Guest stay arrangements should be near the venue. So that they can save time to reach one place to other.

Available Transport Options:

It may be that the guests to whom you are inviting are coming from another city or another country and they do not have proper knowledge of the route. So from the place where they stay, you should arrange for transportation to the venue to make them feel comfortable.

Parking Space:

Now a day in India heavy traffic is the biggest problem on the road and its increase in marriage season, so make sure at the time of the booking of wedding lawn has smooth parking area according to the number of your guest.


Most wedding lawns have their own cutters services, but you can either book your trusted cutter vendor or give one chance to wedding lawn give their cutter services. But Yes! Make sure that the food tastes good.

Decor :

Now the best part of the wedding is décor. We all know that if we talk about marriage, the first thought comes in our mind is the Beauty and grandeur of the marriage lawn. So you should discuss the theme, colour combination & decor of the wedding Lawn.

Bridal Rooms:

Talking about the bridal room, it should be clean and spacious, so that all the bags and valuables things can be kept there properly, and till the arrival of the Baarat, the bride can spend her time in a relaxed manner. The bridal room should be along with the light and full-length mirrors .

Space for Mandap:

Make sure that Mandap should be most beautiful space at the Wedding Lawn, so before book the venue area for Mandap decide first. We hope that our suggestions will be of good interest to you. So now whenever the preparation of weddings starts in the house, you will take care of these ideas. And you will be the witness of a wonderful marriage. Also if you have any query please get in touch with us- Green Fields Gardens, the Best Wedding Lawn in Lucknow

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