How to deal postponing wedding due to corona virus?

04 Feb 2022

How to deal postponing wedding due to corona virus?

 Since 2018, weddings have been postponed due to the COVID situation's uncertainty. Couples who are about to marry are worried because they are experiencing a rush of emotions as a result of the pandemic.

Many spouses and their families may experience symptoms like-:

  • Oversleeping or Trouble Sleeping,
  • Lacking Motivation,
  • Stressed,
  • Anxiousness, etc.

So, here are few tips on how one can deal with postponing wedding anxiety:

  • Consider your options

If your wedding has been postponed, you will be offered other dates. Discuss it with your close family members; there will be a lot to think about, and chatting like a couple with those who are closest to you can help you make the best decision possible. So, you've been assigned a new wedding chore, one that will require a lot of jigsaw puzzle pieces to complete. Everyone engaged with your wedding, including couples, venues, photographers, videographers, caterers, the list goes on, will want to assist you.

  • Feeling sad in normal right now

Because a wedding is the most important occasion in everyone's life, don't be unhappy or disappointed if your wedding is suddenly canceled or postponed. This is entirely acceptable. It is quite acceptable and understandable to express your true feelings.

  • Prioritize your actions

First and foremost, you must notify your service providers, as they are the ones who will be most instrumental in the plan's success. Service providers include your venues, registrars, caterers, photographers, videographers, venue dressers, and hair/make-up artists. Because these services are hired in advance, this will be the most challenging of all the re-planning chores you have to perform. Communication will be crucial in pulling the plan together. Once you've completed this, you're ready to continue to the next step.


  • Take this time as an opportunity to grow together

Make the most of this chance to develop your ties with one another. After all, you'll discover how important it is to help one another and cope with bad events that are an unavoidable part of life.

  • Attention to detail, confirm and update your suppliers

It is now time to inform your suppliers, these are the people that are going to be able to be a little more accommodating, i.e., florist, cake maker, suit hire, etc., let them know your new date, check that they are OK to move their services to that date and that they have your new date firmly fixed in their calendar.

  • Seek a social support while postponing wedding due to coronavirus

It is critical to maintain contact with good or like-minded people throughout this period. These folks will assist you in successfully resolving the matter. These individuals will not pass judgment or preach. They will sympathize because they understand that it is perfectly acceptable to be unhappy or disappointed.



Things to avoid while postponing wedding due to coronavirus:

  • To numb the emotional turmoil, don't use drugs, alcohol, or even comfort eating.
  • Don't be afraid to cry or express your actual feelings.
  • Don't keep everything within.
  • Don't talk to anyone who isn't empathetic, no matter how close they seem.
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