Evergreen Traditions That Make Indian Weddings Special

Evergreen Traditions That Make Indian Weddings Special


1. The mehandi ceremony:
The mehandi ceremony is all about applying heena designs on hands and feets of the bride. This is the most awaited event by friends and family members as this is probably their last night with the bride to have fun and dance.

2. The chooda ceremony:
This tradition is being followed mostly by Punjabi families. In chooda ceremony, the bride wears beautiful red and white ivory bangles in their hands. And, it is follwed by 'kalire ceremony' that decides who will be the next to get married.

3. The sehrabandi:
The sehrabandi is that ritual in which groom's sister ties sehra on his head after a specific puja. In North Indian weddings, it is one of the most believed pre-wedding traditions.

4. The joota chupai:
Another tradition, without which Indian weddings are deemed to be incomplete, is the 'joota chupai'. In this tradition, the brothers and sisters of the bride hide the groom’s shoes while he sits for the marriage ceremony. They then return the shoes once the groom burns a hole in his pocket. The best part of a wedding ceremony!

5. The vidai:
This is one of the saddest yet happy and emotional events of the entire wedding. During vidai, the bride says her final goodbye to her family and friends and goes to her new house. Though it gets everyone teary-eyed, it is one of the most cherished traditions in wedding.

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